H2O Adventures is a whitewater rafting company located in one of the busiest hubs for commercial rafting in the world, Coloma, CA. H2O Adventures specializes in commercial whitewater rafting tours for all ages from as young as six to as old as 70 (so far). The trips offered range from a half day adventure to overnight trips. H2O has provided trips for various groups such as boy scouts, family reunions, high school field trips and reunions, corporate team building, and the everyday adventurer just to name a few. Being a small business in this industry allows H2O Adventures the room to fulfill client’s special requests, no matter how big or small.

Yes, we love rafting. LOVE in all capital letters.

Rafting is not something that we stumbled into, nor is it something we tried in college. It is not something that we only do on a warm summer day. Rafting is our passion. We go rafting because it is F-U-N. We go rafting because it gets us outside. We go rafting because we feel it brings out the best in people.

We have been paddling rivers since 1989 and we won’t ever stop. Why? Because we are passionate about our rivers, our environment, and our state (of mind). H2O Adventures seeks to ensure that you experience California’s finest adventure --- rafting. So we welcome you to H2O Adventures, A Whitewater Rafting Company. We are more than just a rafting company, we are the true California experience. 


-Daniel and Tyler Soulé, Owners/Guides/River Lovers